Furyborn by Claire Legrand

Hi! Welcome to my review for Furyborn by Claire Legrand!

Let me start off by saying that I didn’t enjoy this book as much as I hoped I would. The cover looked beautiful, the premise sounded interesting and my hopes were high. Was I disappointed?

Yes. Unfortunately…

Good underlying themes/messages:

  • I enjoyed the friendship between Ludivine and Rielle, though it didn’t really feel authentic at times.
  • I liked how Rielle didn’t give up, when faced with her intimidating challenges, which shows that if you work hard for your goal, you will achieve it.

I can’t think of anything else at then moment (if you have any thoughts, please comment down below!) and because of that, I’ll be awarding half a star for good underlying messages/themes.

Fantastic Worldbuilding:

I don’t really know how to explain how I feel about Furyborn‘s worldbuilding. I feel like we got so much while we didn’t really get much. Yes, we got place names. Yes, we got a map. Yes, we got a religion. ONE. Other than that? Not much.

Let me just talk about the name “Simon”. I cannot tell you how much this name irritated me. Names like “Eliana” and “Remy” and “Orline” exist in this book and then you get something like Simon. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with the name. It’s fine. But what exactly is a name like that doing in a story like this? The same goes for “Adatrox”.

I felt like we have no idea what the people are like. What food do they eat? How do they treat each other? I don’t know, and since I heard that this was an epic fantasy, I expected something more.

Half a star.

Realistic characters+growth:

I started this book in October 2018, if I remember correctly. I think part of why I struggled to finish this book is because of the characters. Both of them are whiny, insufferable and melodramatic. I won’t even bother talking about Rielle and Eliana separately because there was no difference between them; they sounded exactly the same. Both of them have quick tempers, huge egos and are sooooooooo incompetent.

Yes, that’s right. I just called the two most powerful humans in their world incompetent. You wanna know why? Because they can achieve all these amazing things and they can shake the ground with their powers but when it matters the most they are completely useless. Example? When Corien finally decided to attack in the end of the book, Rielle can’t even save her father. This young woman can shake mountains but can’t save her father.

*mentally calculates how competent she is while saving her kingdom*

I’m just going to shut up about it now before I say something mean.

You would have thought that characters like Eliana (who has soo much room to grow as a person) would have changed somewhat by the end of the book. Nope. And where does the romance with Simon even come from? There is no chemistry between them?? The same can be said of Audric. Simon and Audric are just the cardboard cutouts of what women are supposed to want in men and honestly? It was really boring and they irritated the living hell out of me. Back to Eliana: She calls herself the Dread of Orline, but almost every fight scene I read was one she lost. What even??

No stars for realistc characters+ growth.

Interesting Story:

The story as a whole was quite interesting but the action and interesting parts came at random and frankly, were so violent I felt like the author was trying to make up for the previous boredom which I dragged myself through. The plot moved as fast a snail but as a whole, there wasn’t much but it was good enough.

Each and everyone of Rielle’s trials sounded exactly the same, and were so boring.

And don’t get me started on how she describes her costumes that Ludivine made her. Because you know what? You don’t go to trials which will test your magical and physical capabilities in a gown with a neckline that almost reaches your bloody navel. It really just isn’t practical, okay? Okay.

Half a star for an interesting story.

Writing Style is beautiful /Easy to read:

I felt like the author was trying to make her characters sound so tough and cool and everything but just succeeded in making them sound egotistical and melodramatic. Which irritated me way too much. I almost got a Celaena Sardothien type of vibe but the biggest difference between these characters and Celaena? Celaena is actually competent. And gets stuff done.

The dialogue felt stiff, even between friends and family, which even the fantastic audiobook narrator couldn’t help with.

No stars.


I really didn’t enjoy this book. My hopes were so high and I was so excited for a new epic fantasy everyone seemed to be enjoying but I was let down. Maybe someday I’ll pick up the sequel.

Rating : 1 and a half stars

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