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Chapter 2: The Origin Story of Jane Doe


Welcome to Chapter 2 of my Writing Journal!

Wow! It’s been a while since I did Chapter 1. If anything, I suppose my progress just went backwards instead of forward, and I didn’t really have anything to write about in my Writing Journal.

I was working so hard on my manuscript, vividly imagining details for each of my characters’ lives and physical appearances when I realized something. One of the key characters in my story is immortal; she’s been through it all. She’s watched as people progressed further, discovered new things and how wars started. But then, I thought to myself:

You can’t just casually mention things like that.

The reader needs to experience these things for themselves before they can take things like that seriously. It’s one thing to describe war as an outsider; it’s an entirely different thing once you’ve lived through one.

So, that’s why I stopped working on that story and began an entirely new one.

Not the best idea.

So, I have completely abandoned that story and I’m busy outlining the new one. So far, I’m calling it The Origin Story of Jane Doe (I still haven’t chosen a name for the character).

I’m drafting it in a notebook: that’s right, I’ve gone back to the primitive ways of using pen and paper. But I’ve noticed that the best way to get rid of writer’s block (or mine, anyway) is to continue writing with pen and paper. And so far, I’ve written about 25 pages with the bare basics of the story (snippets of conversation I imagine to go with the story and the basic plot).

But here’s the thing: I still haven’t figured out a concrete magic system and it’s driving me insane. I mean, I admire Leigh Bardugo’s magic system in the Grisha Verse so much. There’s a place for everything and everyone. It’s organized.

I think I’m rather close to it, though I still have a lot of stuff to figure out.

The next thing I realized was that what I haven’t fully developed yet is cultures. At the very beginning, I thought 3 cultures was enough. Obviously not. I mean, how many cultures does our world have? Quite a lot, am I right?

And then with cultures comes religions. And with that comes the hierarchy and how a group of people behave and their food and sense of humor.

It’s during this brainstorm that I realized people are actually really amazing. More than that, really: extraordinary. Each human has a heart, a brain, lungs, a body; yet no opinion or thought is exactly the same.

Which leaves unlimited options when creating a race of people, or cultures, or religions, or countries.

That is breathtaking and makes me so excited for writing each time I think about it!

I’ve decided to start participating in NaNoWriMo, hopefully it’ll spur me on as well. I’ve started writing on Wattpad again as well, trying to keep writing where I can, even though it’s probably horribleπŸ˜‚.

Well, that’s it for today.

I hope your writing is going well and that you’ve found your motivation to pull you out of your writing slump!

The first draft is just you telling yourself the story.” – Terry Pratchett

Feel free to comment down below!

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