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2.) Top Ten Tuesday:

Hi! Welcome to my second Top Ten Tuesday post!

Today, I’m going to be talking about:

Top Ten Movies That Were Visually Most Beautiful For Me:

These aren’t in any specific orderπŸ™‚

The Croods:

The colors of the this movie were so vibrant😍

Inside Out:

This movie wasn’t really good for me but I just loved the animation! The soft colors were definitely something to look at.

The Greatest Showman:

Coupled with great music and dances, this movie so visually beautiful that I’ll watch it again even if I watched it too many times already.

Doctor Strange:

I have watched this movie way too many times by now but I still continue watching it. It’s definitely one of my favorite Marvel movies😁


Aesthetically, it’s still one of my favorite movies ever and is definitely my favorite Bond film.


Would you just look at that hair🀩


Paired with Hans Zimmer’s music, I could watch this movie forever.

Sleeping Beauty (1959):

It might be really old but this is one of my favorite Disney movies of all time😍

Cinderella (2015):

One of my other favorite Disney movies😍


At first I was really sceptical and bored but once I watched it through, I rewatched it several times.

Well, that was my top ten visually most beautiful movies that I’ve ever watched!

What do you think? Feel free to comment about your own favorites!

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