6.) Book Beginnings/ The Friday 56

Hi! Welcome to my sixth Book Beginnings/ The Friday 56 post! Today, I’ll be talking about Edge of Safety by Rebecca Hodge.

Book Beginnings:

Kat forced the last thumbtack through the yellow bedsheet and adjusted the fabric to make sure the bedroom mirror was covered.

Not the most interesting beginning but as I finished the sentence, I wanted to read further on why exactly she wanted to cover the mirror. Not the best book beginning byt definitely not bad.

The Friday 56:

The goal was remission, a furlough marked by constant vigilance, the enemy always poised and present, waiting.

So far, I really like how realistic Kat’s character is. She’s afraid and doesn’t know what to do but still stays brave!

That’s it!

What’s your Book Beginning/ The Friday 56 this week?

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