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Wildland by Rebecca Hodge

Hi! Welcome to my review of Wildland Rebecca Hodge!

It’s been soooo long since I wrote a blog post but these past few weeks had been alarmingly crazy!

My end of the year exams are almost here and it’s stressing me out so bad 😬But here I am so let’s get on with the review! πŸ‘

The Non-Spoiler Review:

In Wildland, we follow Kat as she retreats to cabin in the forest to think about her future, concerning her breast cancer.

She meets two children, Lily and Nirav, who disturb the peace she really wanted. But then lightning strikes and a massive forest fire breaks out.

It’s up to Kat to keep herself, Lily, and Nirav safe and alive.

This was the type of book I could easily read in one sitting. The characters were interesting and once the pace started picking up, I was chewing off all my nails!

It was interesting and made me think for a while after reading it!

The Review With Spoilers:

You have been warned.

Good Underlying Themes/Messages:

  • Kat doesn’t give up while trying to get herself, the kids, and the dogs to safety.
  • Scott overcomes his fear and does the right thing to help others.
  • The pilots decide to help other people instead of following their orders.
  • Malcolm doesn’t hesitate before he sets out to save Kat and the children.

Since this book really is about the ultimate survival, it was nice to see good role models!

A whole star for this catagory!

Interesting Story:

I have to admit, it took a while to get the ball rolling and for the action to start but once it did, it never stopped. I was chewing my nails off for the last part of the book where it got really intense.

I learned some interesting things, too. I never really knew how fast wildfire travels and that the fire would always head up the mountain.

Half a star for this catagory!

Realistic Characters and Growth:

I think that this is where the book exceled!

I loved reading about the characters and their pasts. Malcolm and Nirav’s story was especially endearing for me – the way they connected to each other. Kat’s struggle with breast cancer was tragic and the way her daughter was stubborn with her mother to continue her treatment broke my heart a little.

But I was satisfied with all the character’s endings. I liked how Kat realized that she wasn’t fighting the cancer for anyone but herself, and how she was surrounded by people who would be there for her when she needed them.

A whole star for this catagory!

Writing Style Was Beautiful/ Easy To Read:

The writing style wasn’t especially beautiful but it was quite easy to read and made the action scenes fairly easy to understand. I also really liked how the author used Shakespear quotes here and there; it added a little something extra to the mix.

A whole star for this catagory!

Fantastic Worldbuilding:

I could perfectly picture each scene: From the cabin where Kat stayed to the bridge that burned down to the lake where they where trapped at the end. I’d say that’s a job well done!

A whole star for this catagory!

That’s it!

4.5 stars of of 5!

It is not in the stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves.”

What did you think of Wildland?

*I received this arc from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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