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10.)Book Beginnings/The Friday 56

Welcome darling readers!

Today I’m posting my tenth Book Beginnings/ The Friday 56! This weekly book blog meme is hosted by Rose City Reader and Freda’s Voice!

Let’s get started!

Book Beginnings:

There were advantages to being a dead man.

Merik Nihar, prince of Nubrevna and former admiral to the Nubrevnan navy, wished he’d considered dying a long time ago. He got so much more done as a corpse.

Yesssss I love this Book Beginning!

The Friday 56:

The paladins we locked away will one day walk among us. Vengeance will be theirs, in a fury unchecked, for their power was never ours to claim. Yet only in death, could they understand life. And only in life, will they change the world.

I ccouldn’t really remember much about Kullen, but I completely support his love for books.

That’s it!

Link your Book Beginnings/ The Friday 56 down below in the comments!

Have you read Windwitch? What did you think?

Till we meet again!

Xx Alexia

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