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Windwitch by Susan Dennard

Title: Windwitch

Author: Susan Dennard

Release date: 10 January 2017

Rating: 4 and a half stars out of five!



Honestly, I wasn’t expecting to love this book as much as I actually did. I wasn’t crazy about Truthwitch, but I didn’t love it either (you can read my review here).

You can imagine my surprise when I actually giggled out loud in some parts of the book.

This book was definitely a step up from the first!

Safi didn’t annoy me that much and I love Iseult even more now. I was fully expecting an insta-love relationship but there was no sight of it. Only beautiful, beautiful character development.

I have to admit, the first half was a bit slow, but the characters kept it interesting. I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to understand what was going on in the book since it’s been a while since I read Truthwitch, but I’m glad I could!

Good Underlying Messages/ Themes:

  • You are special, even if you think otherwise.
  • Don’t shy away from being your true self.
  • Never give up, even if it feels like you’re facing the impossible.

A whole star for this category!

Realistic Characters and Growth:

I think a lot of us will be able to relate to Iseult. We’ve had so many let downs that we stop ourselves from dreaming big so that somehow we can avoid the feeling of failure or disappointment.

But you know what? I genuinely think that Iseult is a part of the Cahr Awen, and not Safi.

Safi was not as annoying in this book as she was in the previous one, for me. Her relationship with Vaness was a strange one, not quite friendly but not quite hostile. I actually enjoyed Safi’s chapters in this book, especially with the Un-empressed part…

Aeduan was such a wildcard in this book. I was so scared that there would maybe be some insta-love between the two of them, but there was nothing of that. We also see some of his softer side, which I appreciate, and it makes me so excited to read Bloodwitch.

I felt like I didn’t recognize Merik in this book. I mean, I knew he was bound to be scarred from his ship’s explosion (physically and mentally) but not this bad. This was a total character change.

I kinda like it.

I thought I would hate Vivia in this book, from all the things I’ve read about her from Merik’s perspective but that was definitely not the case. I really really liked Vivia. She’s faced with a cruel, unfair world and she’s got to make the best of it by putting on a mask. And we really got to see how she views Merik and how entitled he actually was, so I definitely felt for her.

And can Stix and Vivia please get together?? (Stixia! Or Vix…? I don’t know)

A whole star for this category!

Interesting Story:

As I mentioned before, the first half of the book very little happened. It was more of a road trip story than anything else.

And then all this stuff started happening. The shadow monster thing, the guys with no pinkies, Aeduan and Iseult traveling together, Safi and Vaness captured by the Hellbards.

I’m glad I had the patience to read through the first half because the second half paid off. Especially with that reveal at the end.

Half a star for this category.

Fantastic World Building:

I think this book had fantastic world building! We got to see more countries, different people, different culture, and how bad the situation in Nubrevna really was.

I could see a clear picture of where every individual was traveling and I got a sense of what the political relations were like.

A whole star for this category!

Writing Was Beautiful/ Easy to Read:

There were some really beautiful quotes in this book and I loved the way the author described some things.

But then again, the colloquialisms in this book made me want to cry with laughter. The way Safi swears is ridiculously funny and I loved it!

A whole star for this category!

That’s it!

Have you read Windwitch? What did you think?

Till we meet again!

Xx Alexia

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    1. Yeah, I know how you feelπŸ˜”I wasn’t the biggest fan of Truthwitch either, but this book was so much better for me! 🎊 πŸŽ‰ I hope when you maybe read it in the future, you enjoy it as much as I didπŸ€—πŸŒΊπŸ’›

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