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21.) Book Beginnings/ The Friday 56:

Welcome to my twenty-first Book Beginnings/ The Friday 56! This meme is hosted by Rose City Reader and Freda’s Voice! Feel free to join in, just remember to link the creators!

Book Beginnings:

The stranger came out of the sea like a water ghost, barefoot and wearing the scars of his journey. He walked as if drunk through the haze of mist that clung like spidersilk to Seiiki.

As far as Book Beginnings go, this one is great for me!

The Friday 56:

Sometimes he wanted to unmask himself, just to see their faces. To tell them that he was the alchemist who had convinced the young Queen of Inys that he could brew her an elixir of life, removing any need for marriage or an heir. That he was the wastrel who had used Berethnet money to prop up year of guesswork, experiments and debauchery.

That’s it!

What’s your most anticipated book for this year?

Till we meet again!

Xx Alexia

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