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The Seventh Perfection by Daniel Polansky

Title: The Seventh Perfection

Author: Daniel Polansky

Release Date: 22 September 2020

Rating: 5/5 stars


There are four categories of fantasy, in my opinion. There’s bad fantasy, average fantasy, good fantasy, and next-level fantasy. I think it’s the right choice to place The Seventh Perfection in the next-level category.

To sum this book up in two words:

Mind blown.

Why does the moon look like that? Do you ever wonder? Wander? Do you ever either? Is it fair that the moon looks like that, and will look like that after we are gone? No, it does not seem fair to me either.

We follow Manet, the God-King’s Amanuensis, as she tries to unravel a secret that could destroy all the carefully altered myths surrounding the God-King’s ascent.

The unique thing about this book, and probably its best characteristic, is the fact that it’s written in a second-person narrative. If you don’t know what that means (like me before I read this book), basically it means that the book is written like a dialogue or play, except that there are no stage-directions, only one character talks per chapter, and you have no idea what the main character is saying. The only way you can know what she’s saying is by deducing it from what the other characters are saying. The reader is literally the main character.


You should be.

Normally, I wouldn’t have liked to read so many POVs but in this book, each character is written so different from each other that it didn’t matter. All the characters were so individually unique and I loved it.

What’s fought for is cherished above what is given.

Manet follows a trail of breadcrumbs as she tries to find out who the woman in the mysterious locket sent to her, was. As she finds out more, her journey becomes more dangerous, old secrets bubbling to the surface from a past most would prefer to forget.

This was an intriguing, wonderfully-written and short must-read!

Men lie all the time, to themselves even more than to us.

If this sounds like something you would like to read? Then what are you waiting for? Do yourself a favour and request this book on Netgalley before its archive date of 22 September or pre-order it!

That’s it!

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What do you think: Should I do a special Q & A post to celebrate?

Till we meet again!

Xx Alexia

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