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Have You Ever Wondered…

We’ve all seen Taylor Swift perform on stage, singing her heart out to a crowd of thousands of people.

And I’m pretty sure we’ve all seen Chase Stokes search for missing treasure in Outer Banks.

I wonder what would happen if you sit down with one of these people and had a pleasant chat? Would you talk to Taylor about her cats, or would you beg Chase to tell you when season 2 of OBX is going to come out?

Or would you ask them about their recommendations concerning books, movies, or music?

(Yes, that’s what I would do)

Maybe Chase would recommend Pulp Fiction as the next movie on your binge list or Taylor would tell you to add Star Girl to your TBR.

Want to find more recommendations like these? Do yourself a favor and go check out Smartreads, where you can find out what your favorite celebs would recommend reading, watching or listening!

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