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Let’s Talk About It: Unpopular Opinions

Welp. I’m back again.

And today, I’m going to talk about unpopular opinions.

(Please don’t hate me for this)

So, first off, The Cruel Prince just wasn’t that great.

I read it a few years ago and it struck me as average. Granted, I’m not the biggest faerie fan. It has never quite rubbed off on me and I actually avoid the genre where I can (except for ACOTAR, but I feel like ACOTAR is something different from faerie books).

I’ve seen so much Jude and Cardan fanart which have almost tempted me to read the rest. Almost.

If the rest of the books are so much better than the first book and I’m just ignorant, let me know.

Until then, my opinion stands.

Second, A Court of Silver Flames wasn’t that great either.

When I finished reading it, I immediately wanted to give it 5 stars just because of all the feels.

But the more I thought about it, the lower my rating got.

The characters were all amazing, but the storyline? Almost non-existent. The writing? Kinda cringey in some parts. The world-building? Nothing we haven’t seen before.

This sounds harsh and it tears at my heart to criticize a book I enjoyed to much, but I really expected much more from ACOSF.

Third, I CANNOT STAND fairytale retellings.

I really wish I knew why I hate this genre so much.

It’s the same with Disney doing live-action retellings instead of new original movies. Yeah, Aladdin was nice and all, but Raya and the Last Dragon? I loved it so much more than I would ever love a new live-action retelling.

It feels like the same stories are being used over and over again, just with some new twists, and that has never been appealing to me.

If you love this genre, then awesome for you! You’ve got loads of books to keep you happy and that’s great.

But I’ll be staying far far away from these retellings.

Lastly, fourth, fantasy is more enjoyable than contemporary.

Maybe it’s an age thing, but I find contemporary books to be quite boring. The few contemporary books I have read were amazing and heartfelt, but didn’t engage me like fantasy did. Perhaps it’s because the contemporary books I’ve read were heavily character-focused, when I prefer books with an equal balance of characters and story.

Maybe someday, I’ll start liking the contemporary genre more, but today is not that day.

That’s it!

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