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Let’s Talk About It: The Shadow and Bone series

After years and years of waiting, finally it arrived.

The moment Leigh Bardugo fans have been excitedly waiting for.

The Shadow and Bone Netflix series premiered on the 23rd of April 2021, giving viewers a full first season with 8 episodes. With Jessie Mei Li as Alina Starkov and Ben Barnes as the Darkling, fans of the books were expecting great things.

Thank the heavens above we weren’t disappointed.

As an avid fan of the Six of Crows series who also enjoyed the Shadow and Bone series, I was terrified that the adaptation would wind up like the Percy Jackson movies: poorly planned out and unable to do the books justice.

But upon seeing that Leigh Bardugo would be a part of the production, I held some hope in my heart that this series wouldn’t be a complete flop.

The series mainly focuses on Alina becoming the Sun Summoner and her journey to help Ravka end the war. The casting was done perfectly. I think that some of the actors and actresses in the show might not fit some readers’ images of how they imagined the characters, but every person slotted in perfectly.

(Just prepare yourself emotionally for the absence of Nikolai Lantsov.)

Shadow and Bone has compiled a cast that brims with potential and talent.

But some of you might be wondering, What about the Six of Crows storyline?

Well, dear reader, Kaz Brekker and his crows most definitely do make an appearance and have quite the impact on the story.

Just not as we imagined they would.

With millions of people having read the books and knowing the story, the producers couldn’t just copy and paste the plot into the series, could they? No.

Be prepared to follow the crows on a harrowing adventure, one we haven’t experienced before, but one everyone will devour and be left wanting more. You’ll gasp in surprise as you meet new yet familiar characters and chuckle as you hear these character say the quotes you highlighted in your book.

Smile in surprise at Kaz’s scheming, admire Inej’s faith, and marvel in the fact that Kit Young was born to play Jesper.

As wonderful and enjoyable as this series was, I have the feeling that so much more is yet to come. And I have good news for all the Shadow and Bone junkies out there: it has been renewed for a second season, and judging by the popularity of the show, it might even go on longer.

I started watching the series with a specific set of expectations.

Were they met? Definitely.

Did I enjoy the new turn the series took? Yep.

Will I be watching the second season? You can bet every book on your bookshelf that I will be counting down the days until I can snuggle up with my plushies and binge-watch into the wee hours of the night.

That’s it!

Have you watched Shadow and Bone? What did you think?

Till we meet again!
Xx Alexia

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