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Unoriginal but still fun

Netflix’s latest film boasts some big names, such as Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, Jessica Henwick, and even Bridgerton‘s RegΓ©-Jean Page in the star roles.

Prepare to be disappointed if you expect this movie to break the mold and emerge with a unique storyline. The story follows the age-old narrative of someone gathering dirt on a higher-up, then said higher-up trying to clean up their mess.

Ryan Gosling stars as the main character, an agent called Six who works for the CIA. He finds himself in a mighty predicament when he ends up with some information that could severely compromise a particular employee’s position.

Following this is an impressive goose chase, bedazzled with spectacular fight scenes and a strange amount of drone shots.

Despite the premise being one that has been reused countless times in films, this movie managed to entertain me during its 2-hour runtime.

It’s clear that Netflix didn’t hold back with the budget, with various beautiful countries acting as backdrops for the story, and the fight scenes were all well choreographed and acted out.

Ryan Gosling’s character, Six, turns out to be quite dry but when some of his personality shines through, he definitely becomes more of a likable character. This is especially true when Six and the young girl he swears to protect, Claire Fitzroy, interact.

Six’s antagonist, Lloyd (played by the ever-popular Chris Evans), reeks of evil the moment he sets foot on screen, but is also strangely charismatic in his socio-pathic ways. Lloyd as a villain is so overdriven, he becomes comical, but it bounces well off of Six’s indifferent exterior.

This movie is saved by the charm of its actors and the production quality of its content. By no means is it a piece of art or meant to be dissected piece by piece, but its entertainment factor can’t be downplayed.

Watch this on a peaceful Friday night or even put it on in the background, but don’t expect to be blown away by its brilliance.


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