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Hockey players and horror lovers

“But…I meant to drive home, and I drove to her.”

Title: Puck Shy
Author: Teagan Hunter
Release Date: 28 October 2021
Rating: 4/5 stars

I might know next to nothing about ice hockey, but I know for a fact that ice hockey plus romance equals a great read.

I was expecting another fake dating storyline but I was pleasantly surprised by the way these two were introduced to each other. Despite the book being relatively short and their relationship moving fast, I never felt like this book sunk to the level of insta-love.

Both main characters have a love for horror, with Gianna even making a living out of it, and they bonded adorably over this. Gianna is quite quirky and awkward, and it never feels forced, but I think that Collin could’ve been written with a bit more personality other than being hot and good at hockey.

I do feel like the side characters were a bit flat and could have been written a bit better, but with the short length of this book, I can see why this happened.

This romance is lighthearted and fun, nothing serious, and if you’re in a reading slump looking for something short, you might find your next read here!


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