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Still dark, but an improvement

Many of us grew up with The Winx Club, I think.

I watched the show every chance I got and shipped each couple so much my little 7-year-old heart wanted to burst. It was a shock for most when Netflix released the much darker, much more adult version of Winx we expected.

It’s safe to say that the first season wasn’t received with much love.

I think it’s also safe to say that the second season is an improvement.

I enjoyed season 2 so much more than I thought I would. It wasn’t only because of the fast-paced plot or the mystery that plagued the characters at every turn, but rather the improved atmosphere.

The characters acted much more like real friends, especially with the addition of the previously missing Flora, and I found myself wishing I lived in a suite like they do if only to bond with my friends as they have.

Bloom and Sky’s chemistry improved greatly and I found myself rooting for them through all the trouble they had to go to. Each character became more fleshed out and was even given their own subplots that didn’t intrude on the main storyline.

Though the season’s end was anti-climatic, especially with the build-up around bloodwitches and their abilities, this season answered as many questions as it left unanswered. It would seem that the mystery never ends at Alfea.

The story also felt slightly rushed throughout its seven-episode tenure and the plot would have benefitted greatly if some aspects could have been explored further.

With the cliffhanger at the end, many watchers will excitedly be anticipating season 3.

Let’s just hope that the makers of the show continue on the slightly upward trajectory they’ve recently found themselves on.


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