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mysterious to the very end

It’s been a while since a television show has intrigued me as much as 1899 has.

There are many shows that try to establish a mystery and keep their audience on their toes, but not many of them manage to do this quite like 1899.

This show takes its time by establishing the relationships between its vast cast and scattering clues throughout. I would say that watching this requires some patience but the intrigue is so strong that it doesn’t take much to remain interested.

Adding the dark feel and look of the show, as well as the futuristic yet somehow historically-fitting soundtrack, this piece of television has effortlessly pulled me into its murky depths.

This show sports an impressive cast and I have to say, I’m pleasantly surprised by how seamlessly all the characters fit together. It would have been easy for the show to dissolve into a bumbling mess with all the different languages and nationalities, but everyone fits together like puzzle pieces.

My only issue with the cast is that I would have liked for some of them to show more emotion. There are very tense moments where any person would have been nervous, but some of the actors remain stoic or indifferent.

But other than that, this is the first bit of television I truly enjoyed in a long time.

It is truly a shame that it had been subjected to the Netflix curse, doomed to end on a cliffhanger for the rest of its foreseeable future.


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