About Me:

I am obviously a bookworm and I’d rather be reading than doing anything else🌺 I don’t read any non-fiction books, and I heavily dislike anything that has insta-love. Fantasy books are my go to, but my backups include sci-fi and romance.

I write about books, movies and everything in between! If it interests me, chance are that sooner or later, I’ll post about it.

Bookworms and aspiring writers welcome!

Inquiries about book reviews

Unfortunately, I am not accepting book review requests at the moment!

Inquiries about sponsored posts or advertising

If you would like to advertise or publish a sponsored post on my blog, here are the things you must keep in mind:

  • your content MUST be relevant to the content I have published (eg. books, movies, etc.)
  • your content MUST NOT contain any swearing or any inappropriate material.
  • the prices and finer details will be discussed over email

If you are interested in advertising or sponsored posts, send me an email: doodlepoodle0210@gmail.com

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