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Writing Contest!

Hello darling readers! I've got very exciting news to share with all of you! A publisher has approached me to help share the news of a writing contest! All the details are down below and let me know if you're planning to enter! Short Story Contest: Stories of Inspiration  City Limits Publishing is publishing... Continue Reading →

Interview with Inspired Quill!

I'm so honored to announce that I've recently had the opportunity to interview an indie publisher named Inspire Quills! With the Big 5 dominating the publishing world, I though it would be ideal to know what goes on in indie publishing and why it's definitely something we as readers (and possibly upcoming authors) need to start focusing on!

Chapter 2: The Origin Story of Jane Doe

Hi! Welcome to Chapter 2 of my Writing Journal! Wow! It's been a while since I did Chapter 1. If anything, I suppose my progress just went backwards instead of forward, and I didn't really have anything to write about in my Writing Journal. I was working so hard on my manuscript, vividly imagining details... Continue Reading →

Chapter 1: The First Story

Hi! Welcome to the first chapter in my Writing Journal!  So, why am I doing this? To document the discoveries I had made in the last three years about writing.  Quick facts about my novel-in-making: It's epic/ high fantasy with magic from the very beginning and is YA. I am currently standing on 13 349... Continue Reading →

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