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Alex Rider: Ark Angel by Anthony Horowitz

Title: Ark Angel: Graphic Novel (Alex Rider, #6)

Author: Anthony Horowitz, Antony Johnston, Amrit Birdi

Release Date: 08 September 2020

Rating: 4, 5/5 stars


This is my first ever grapic novel!

I’ve read and reread the Alex Rider series a few times before, and I remember Ark Angel pretty well, so this graphic novel was like a reread for me.

The story was shorter than the original, but I can understand why. It must take an eternity to illustrate 150+ pages, let alone more than 300 pages! I still really enjoyed the story even though, the novel was shortened in a way that I wish most TV adaptations were shortened: leave out the unnecessary stuff and keep the important stuff.

I used to think that comic books/graphic novels aren’t ‘real’ reading, but I’ve gotten rid of that stupid bias now! It definitely reads like a book and I have to admit, I love looking at the pictures!

The illustration style was easy to follow and understand. The characters fit with the descriptions I had in my mind and I think I’ll definitely read more of these types of books in the future!

*Thank you to Netgalley for providing an arc in exchange for an honest review.

That’s it!

This was a very short review, but I’m still working in how to review graphic novels. My next reviews for Phenomenal Woman and We Should All Be Feminists will also be so short, just because they’re both in unfamiliar genres for me!

Till we meet again!

Xx Alexia

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