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Alexandra Forever 2291 — Book One: The Strange Matter of the Red Dwarf by D.W. Richards

Title: Alexandra Forever 2291 — Book One: The Strange Matter of the Red Dwarf

Author: D.W. Richards

Release Date: 24 July 2020

Rating: 3,5/5 stars


Thank you very much to the author for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review!

This book is about the Goddess Alexandra, a soldier who doesn’t really adhere to the rules set to her. She is needed by the government to lead a mission when a rogue solar system tears through the universe.

This was a really short and enjoyable read that I finished in one sitting. Humour is a central aspect in this book, with the characters dropping one liners in serious situation, and reminds me of Guardians of the Galaxy. Which I’m not complaining about.

My only problems with this book was that things were sometimes over-explained in a way that I don’t really want a book to do. I’m here for fun and to be entertained, not to be taught something about space.

The author also makes the mistakes of using too many synonyms for the word ‘said’. I won’t lie, it is something I have done at times (being a self-proclaimed wannabe writer) but I like to think I’ve gotten rid of that habit.

For example: “Hello, Susan,” Betty greeted, “How are you?”
“Very good,” Susan replied, “Such a lovely day, don’t you think?”
“Oh, yes,” Betty remarked, “I love summer!”
“So do I!” Susan revealed.

Instead of using these synonyms, I would advise inserting actions between the sentences or just writing the spoken sentences on their own.

But other than that, this was an enjoyable read I would recommend to someone looking for something fun and entertaining!

That’s it!

What’s your opinion on novellas?

I don’t really read them; I prefer longer books in a series, but I do occasionally read novellas.

Till we meet again!
Xx Alexia

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